29 December 2015

Minimum wage goes up to R$880 (BR)
Novo Recife Project gets green light (PE)
A tale of drought in the northeast (CE)
Parnaíba Delta, at the heart of the Rota das Emoções (PI/MA)
Get to know Paraíso Perdido, a place living up to its name (MG)
Bonus: The life of a Brazilian mangá artist in Japan

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28 December 2015

Portuguese Language Museum fire cause (SP)
SDumond, Latin America’s largest supercomputer (RJ)
Ayahuasca curative research led by Brazil (BR)
Valongo and how black heritage sites are handled in Brazil (RJ/BR)
How to hand pollinate Brazilian Philodendrons (BR)
Bonus: Laser cut map of Rio

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